THE MAGIC CIRCLE: An Evening of Summoning and Sound Art


A magic circle is a circular space marked out by practitioners of ritual magic believed to contain the energies, entities or forms summoned therein. It may be marked physically, drawn in salt or chalk or simply conjured in the mind. The circle not only provides the magician protection from these potentially overwhelming forces but also demarcates the space as sacred.

In The Magic Circle, the magician/musicians make use of the circle in order to conjure atmospheres, forms and entities to act as translator and intermediary between inside and out, light and dark, above and below. We conjure using sounds, words, and narratives in order to illuminate the hidden currents in the  collective and personal unconscious.


Remy Brecht is an interdisciplinary producer, musician, video artist, and DJ who has most recently been orchestrating noise in the shadows of Maine for the better part of this decade. Relocating from Detroit, but having previously lived across the country, Remy has scores of album, compilation, and remix credits to his name under a wide variety of styles and pseudonyms.

With the Sacred + Profane arts festival, he has organized live sound installations in 2014 and 2016; with the Damnationland film showcase, he has co-produced and performed on the 2015 and 2016 editions of the Music For The Wicked soundtracks. At SPACE Gallery in Portland, he constructed audio sound beds for the Sound Bodies live ambient + yoga event; assembled a custom backing film for Conifer’s 2015 reunion shows; and participated in the 48 Hour Music Festival as part of The Body in the Kelp. Under the dark ambient moniker of Scrotal Tear, he performed a live audio + video set at Trans Pecos in NYC this past July and supported Pharmakomagiccirlcefeb2017n for her recent live date in Maine.

Remy also just celebrated the 4-year anniversary of the Dead By Dawn radio show on WMPG 90.9FM this past summer and his fifth year as part of the live backing band for Vivid Motion’s Nutcracker Burlesque show.

Numbers Station is operated by multi-disciplinary artist Ren Morrill. Numbers Station explores affective atmospheres and occult significance of communications technology using signs, signals, symbols, codes and fragmented narratives in order to evoke an arcane, electronic hinterland.   

Sterile Garden is the ambient noise project of multi-media artist Jacob DeRaadt. He employs found sound collage, tape loops and other technical magic to create arresting sounds that form a shape around an absence.   

Jeffrey Earthman Cosgrove-Cook resides in Brunswick, Maine. BA from UMO (Economics with a focus on Marxist economic history). Practicing magician, with focus on chaos magick and sigil work. Works presented were created using methods originated by Austin Osman Spare. Automatic writing and drawing and other classic occult artistic processes are employed to create surreal and symbolic mix-media works.


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