Inked Wing Studio: Obfuscation by Ray Hulse

This month we’ll be featuring ray1.jpgthe work of photogapher Raymond E. Hulse. See below for information about the show and the artist.

 OBFUSCATION – In the year 2017, an estimated 1.2 trillion images will be taken. The photograph has taken its place next to the printed word in the information revolution lending its wealth to the world. Yet, like the printed word, images often possess the bias of the photographer and the viewer, the author and reader. What lies outside the frame of the camera, beyond the plane of focus, through the cloth that covers? How does our own bias contribute to obfuscation? How does intent become distorted into our own hopes and desires? What do we want to see and read? Social media is the echo chamber of our times. We read and see what our friends believe in manners that are presented as if they are factual. How many of those Tumblr or Instagram images that show us the perfect vacation are real? So how do we give tools to society to help them see past the words and images to reveal truth?

 This small series looks at several ways that show how our the interpretation of our senses can be distorted. These images do not exploit blatant traditional optical illusions or digital manipulations. The obfuscation here is subtle . In some cases, simple techniques of the camera becomes the modus operandi, while in others the psyche is exploited. Yet we will always miss some detail or add another when challenged with information or its lack. Casually viewing an image is like uttering the words on a page but not digesting , not wrestling with the true meaning. Eye vomit.
Yet, permitting or indulging our imagination to fill in the blanks and create a story comes naturally to the human mind. Perhaps here is how information has become so easily muddled with the inundation of so many images and stories that modern communication brings us?

Over time, this space will be used to heal, bring people together, exchange ideas and challenge the way we think and present those ideas. This series is offered humbly in hopes of asking the viewer, speaker, listener or creator to help each other reveal what truth is.

Biography- Compelled by natural beauty, and those things that cannot be seen but are still tied to the order of the universe, Ray is a scientist by training. So, like a lot of monkeys, his compulsion to explore and create is strong. How this manifests is, on a day to day basis, stochastic. Yet, there is always beauty to be found. Understanding how nature makes a flower doesn’t necessarily mean the flower’s purpose is understood. So, in the 15 minutes of free-time his career permits, exploring the world, photon by photon, helps to develop a sense of connectedness and vulnerability that writing a manuscript for a scientific journal somehow just doesn’t capture.


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