1st Friday @ Inked Wing Studio

Hi Everyone,

A little last minute I know but some of us at the Congress Street building have decided to be open for 1st Friday (12/2). I’ll be doing a soft opening of my community Thai massage clinic so make sure to sign up for a quick session!

If you are about stop by 626 for some milk and holiday cookies and have a look at a showing of the fascinating college work of Jacob DeRaadt.

Artist Statement:
“A natural outgrowth of my collage and paper cut techniques for a period of winter 2015 and spring 2016.

Desire grows as it is hidden. Desire sold by advertisement. Desire as the root of all actions. Recognizing desire as a driving force of creativity as well as exploring formal aspects of collage work of favorite surrealist aspects that filter into inner experience of the infinite abstract within a personal context. Nothing new in that regard, not nothing… Batman was the devil, somehow….

The metal pieces were found around Portland in summer/fall 2015.”

142 High Street Suite 626


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